Nerdcrafteria Extended AFK Form (4 - 6 months)
Use this form ONLY if you intend to be gone for a length of time from 4 to 6 months. Make sure to have a valid reason that you're prepared to share with the staff as to why you feel your things need to be saved for more than 4 months, and submit this a minimum of 1 week before you actually plan to leave. 😀

Please make sure you understand the Nerdcrafteria AFK policy as outlined in this thread:
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In Game Username *
Put the username of your actual in-game character here. Please don't put your discord name or anything else, we need the actual username to look up. If you put the wrong name and we look it up and don't find anything, then this AFK post will be a bit useless! :(
How long will you be gone? *
How long will you be gone? Must be between 4 to 6 months. Please be as close as possible to how long you think you'll be gone. Formats like "Until this date" or "For x amount of months" are both acceptable.
Reason for Departure: *
Why are you departing for such a long period of time? This field is actually required. You'll need to explain to the staff, basically, why you feel that you leaving for the time you're leaving necessitates us keeping your stuff longer than we normally would. This shouldn't necessarily feel like an argument or position you're trying to defend, but you should try to provide as much logical reasoning and (if possible) proof behind your description. We will be as lenient as possible when it comes to this, but the more proof and reason you use in your description, the easier the decision becomes. Also include in this section any information about plots or builds you would like to keep during your AFK.
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