The Mead School Distance Learning Family Survey: Grades K-2
Please share your experience thus far so that we can better serve you and our community.

***If you have two children, please submit a survey for each so that both of their experiences can be captured.  
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In the space below, please provide your name and your child's name. (This will help us in case we would like to follow up with you to better serve you and your child.) *
Is your child feeling connected to his/her teachers? *
Is your child feeling connected to his/her peers? *
In terms of work your child is receiving, would you say there is: *
If you'd like, further explain your answer above:
Approximately how much of the packet (the K-2 slides) are you and your child able to complete each week? *
As a parent, how do you feel the tools and technology we're using thus far are working for your child? *
How would you rate your child's experience with the Expressive Arts slides? *
My child is very engaged with the Expressive Arts slides.
My child is not enganging at all with the Expressive Arts slides.
Is there a teacher that your child would like to have more of a connection with?  You may select more than one, if applicable. *
How does your child seem to be doing socially/emotionally at this time? *
Great! I am not concerned.
I am very concerned.
We understand that each family's circumstances at home are very different.  Please let us know how YOU are managing as a parent/guardian during this time.  Is there any additional support we can provide to you?
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