Free Badge (Examples) Giveaway
This is a form for my badge example giveaway that I am doing through discord. I need your references ON THIS FORM! Do not post them into discord or anywhere else as a substitute. Imgur works great, Deviantart stash works great, but put links HERE. Feel free to talk to me if you have questions but if you don't have links on this form you won't be considered.

This is FREE so my TOS don't apply. I may draw yours, I may not. I am allowed to make this how I want it to look for the badge example but I do want you to be happy with it. I want to give you updates and WIPs and make sure your character look like YOUR character. I am going to choose what kind of frame to give to which character, but that doesn't mean I won't consider requests. If you have an idea for a badge frame let me know!

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Character name *
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Character race and class *
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Which badge frame would you like?
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I need to know where to send it!
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Please provide visual references for your character. Screenshots are fine. YOU MUST HAVE VISUAL EXAMPLES LINKED ON THIS FORM. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE VISUAL EXAMPLES YOU WILL BE DECLINED. *
I prefer imgur, deviantart stash, and direct images. Google drive also works great and you can list urls from discord (but don't invite me to your server, just post the url). Please avoid dropbox as I have issues with it. Do not link to websites that require membership or will limit my ability to view the references.
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Tell me a bit about your character. I want to get the body language right. *
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Any requests for extra stuff like pets or extra effects or frames?
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Anything else you think I will need?
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I will send an email to you soon, and discuss the invoice there. If you have ANY questions you are welcome to contact me at, or on discord. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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