ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2022 Interest Survey
We're back at the mall for ROBOTICON 2022 as full month-long Manufacturing Month event.  This year, we have the entire mall for our use, with more spacious classrooms, a 200-seat auditorium, and our new 8000 sq. ft. AMROC Fab Lab space with about 1000 sq. ft. machine shop.  The FIRST Robotics Competition field will be out in the center galleria area, with a full Rapid React field straight from FIRST, for full offseason fun.

Here's the general schedule so far:

*Live stream kick-off event the first weekend in October,
*FIRST Robotics Competition Off-season October 8 & 9
*FIRST LEGO League scrimmages on October 15  
*VEX IQ & VRC & VEX U on Oct. 16
*Battlebot and Sumobot & RADC events on Oct 22 and 23, and
*FIRST Tech Challenge on Oct 29

We'll also be holding an Alumni Social & NEXT Challenge, the CAD Challenge, have a Tech Innovations, College & Career Expo and more.  

Your responses on this ROBOTICON 2022 Interest Survey will help us better plan the event to make it as fun and enjoyable for as many teams as possible.  Full program registration will open in June.  Thank you!
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Game Play Opportunities
Engineering Expo
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Alumni Event
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Please share your thoughts or considerations here expanding on anything above or on anything we didn't ask .  And if you're ready to register now, let us know and you'll be first in line when we formally open registration!
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