Flipgrid Global Book Club: Summer Series
Through the power of Flipgrid, we will be providing the platform for all voices to be heard! Starting this summer we will be kicking of the first series of the Flipgrid Global Book Club!

Starting June 1st, we will unlock the first Grid of the summer's first read! Each topic will be the story's chapter collections, which will be made active as the series goes along. The grids will stay open even when finished as some students will jump in later on. Once the summer's first book is concluded, we will kick off the summer's second story!

We can't wait to have some fun connecting readers from around the globe for some fun summer discussions and reflections.

Please fill out the form to get on the mailing list for the upcoming information and future stories!

Our website where you can find the upcoming stories and links to the specific book Grids can be found here: www.myglobalbookclub.com/

Thank you so much for the support and look forward to seeing you all on the Grid!

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