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We're really excited that you want to contribute to Rogue Science, a comics anthology full of stories of scientists gone rogue for the betterment of humanity. The project encourages true stories of real and invented rogue scientists from history to today, including POC Scientists, LGBTQ+ Scientists, Muslim Scientists, Refugee Scientists, Immigrant Scientists, Disabled Scientists and more. If you haven't already, take a look at our Submission Guidelines []!
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Team Members and Contact (If Applicable)
We'll want to be able to reach out to your team members too. Email works for contact info. Tell us if they are an artist, writer, or scientist!
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Submission Title
Don’t worry, you can change this later if you need to for the story.
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Summary of Project
A full summary of your story and the plot. Be sure how to include how it ends and relates to our theme. 500-1000 words is good.
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Estimated Number of Pages
We are accepting works from 1-12 pages.
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Submission Materials
We recommend you organize your submission materials in a folder or folder/s on Google Drive, Dropbox, or a website. Then make the link sharable and include in this form. If that doesn't work, you can send your files to Be sure to make the subject [Your Name + Submission Title] and note you are emailing your submission in each field below.
Link to Script
Since the turnaround time will be quick for this project, we want you to submit a link to your script. We recommend a Google Doc.
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Link/s to Sample Art
Give us an idea of what your story will look like. This can include samples of character sketches, environment sketches, rough pages of the submission, and thumbnails.
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Include citations for a few sources around the story you are submitting (the science, the person, or both!).
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Link to Portfolio
A portfolio of work helps us understand what projects you've done before.
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Final Note
If you are making a modern biographical submission, you must submit a release agreement [] signed by the scientist to Also, don't forget to sign the submission agreement [] and send it to the same address. Thanks for being awesome and helping us keep it legal!
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