Ellijay Primary School Title I Parent Involvement Survey 2018-2019
Dear Parent/Guardian,
Ellijay Primary School is a Title I school, and as the parent/guardian of a child attending a Title I school, you are an important part of the Title I team. Your input is vital in the planning and implementation of the parent involvement program and activities in our school. The focus of all Title I programs is to help eligible students meet the same high academic achievement standards expected of all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status and background. The following survey is confidential and will be used to assist us with future planning for parental involvement activities and events at Ellijay Primary School. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
All surveys may be returned to the Front Office, mailed to Ellijay Primary School, 196 McCutchen Street, Ellijay, GA 30540, or completed online at http://eps.gilmerschools.com. For more information or questions, call 706-276-5010.
The deadline to return/complete the survey is April 26, 2019. Students returning a survey will receive a Bobcat Buck. (Donations to the Bobcat Store are always appreciated!)
School Planning
What is your relationship to the student?
How well do you feel your child's school provides parents with opportunities to share feedback and ideas regarding the school's parental involvement program and activities?
Did you attend the Title I Night at the beginning of the year where goals and activities of the Title I program were discussed?
At the beginning of the school year, all parents were asked to sign a Family-School Compact for Achievement, outlining the responsibilities of both the school and parents in providing the best academic experience for your child. Please mark the items you found beneficial.
How would you like to see the parental involvement funds used at your child's school?
What would help you participate more in decision making and the overall academic achievement in your child's school?
Have you been given opportunities to provide input into school decisions?
How well does the school encourage you to play a role in the school improvement planning process?
In the past year, did you participate in the development and review of the following?
Yes, I participated
No, I did not participate
I was not informed
I do not know
Parental involvement activities
Parental Involvement Plan
Use of Parental Involvement Funds
School-Parent Compact
Title I Program Services
School Improvement Plan
What ways can the school better involve parents in school planning?
Your answer
School-Home Communication
How well does your child's school provide information that is easy to understand?
How often does your child's teacher communicate with you about your child's progress? (text, notes, news letters, remind app, conferences, email or daily/weekly folders)
How would you prefer to receive information from your child's school?
Do you know how to contact your child's teacher?
Are you aware of grade level expectations for your child?
Helping Your Child With School
What would you like for your child's school to provide so that you can help your child at home?
Your answer
How often do you meet in person with your child's teacher?
When are scheduled academic conferences most convenient for you?
How well does school leadership foster an environment in which staff, parents, and the community work together to improve student achievement?
What type of informational programs would you like the school to provide for parents?
Please indicate whether you received the following information from your child's school:
Received and very helpful
Received, but not helpful
Definitely did not receive
How to keep track of your child's progress using MAP reports
Information used to determine whether your child is on grade level
How can you work with teachers to help your child in school
How often do you work with your child on school related material? (math, sight words, reading logs, math and reading skill Bingo)
How often do you have conversations with your child about what his or her class is learning at school?
Parent Participation
How frequently do you participate in activities at your child's school?
Are you aware of the opportunities to volunteer at your child's school?
How well do you feel the school creates a welcoming environment for parents?
Which of the following would help you participate in parent meetings and school activities?
For each activity listed below, please provide us with your feedback by checking the box that best describes your opinion:
Not Valuable
Little Value
Rather Valuable
Very Valuable
Did Not Participate
Open House Night (Meet the teacher)
Title I Night
Parent-Teacher conferences
MAP Night
Family Night for English Learners
Curriculum Night
Family Reading Night (Reindeer)
Literacy Night (Football Field)
March Madness Math Night
How often do you work with other parents at your child's school to plan and carry out school activities?
What ways can the school help parents to be involved in school activities and programs?
Your answer
What may hinder you and your family from attending family nights at the school?
Your answer
If food/snacks are provided, would your family be more likely to attend?
Please describe any hobbies, talents, interests or work experiences that you could share with the parents, staff, or students at your child's school.
Your answer
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