Class of 2019 Senior Exit Survey - CCA
This survey helps us track post-graduation plans and college admission for the current senior class. Please fill out the survey completely. Thank you!
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1. Choose the following statement that best describes your post-high school plan (only choose one): *
2. If you plan to attend community college or trade/vocational/technical school, which one?
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3. If you plan to attend a 4-year college in fall, please list the full name of the college.
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4. Please list your planned major or field of study.
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5. Of the services offered by the CCA Counseling Dept., which did you find most helpful? Check all that apply. *
6. Did you use a private college counselor or other services outside of school to assist you with the college application process? *
7. What did you enjoy most about your experience at CCA?
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8. Where do you see areas for growth or improvement at CCA?
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9. Please choose a word to describe your overall experience as a student at CCA. *
10. Please rate how often you felt safe as a student at CCA. *
11. Please rate how often you felt connected as a student at CCA. *
12. What piece of advice would you give to a student in next year's senior class? *
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Please note: Your SDUHSD Google account will close upon graduation from high school and it is the student's responsibility to save any items to a personal email account. Instructions on how to do this "Google Takeout" are featured on the senior page of the website. *
Thank you for filling out the senior exit survey. Your answers help us to better serve future students!
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