Avalon Expo 7 Clubs and Groups Form
Form for potential groups to fill out to be at Avalon Expo 5, potentially.
There is no fee for a club or group to have a space at Avalon Expo.
Tables are standard 6x2.5 feet, with coverings chairs.
Avalon Expo 7 is at the Holiday Inn St. John's Conference Centre, 180 Portugal Cove Road, St. John's, NL, Canada on Saturday-Sunday, September 18-19, 2021.

What is the name of your group? *
What does your group do? *
Who is the main contact person? *
What is the email of the main contact person (that gets checked semi-regularly)? *
Do you have special requirements (such as more tables, or the minimum and maximum number of tables if you can use more than one)?
If you would like to do more beyond a table display, tell us about it here. We'd love to hear your ideas! :)
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