AAP Documentation Room

The key and or equipment for the room can be checked out via the Fine Arts Library Cage on the 3rd floor of Rand Hall. You may schedule this room and equipment for up to three hours within 24 hours of filling out this form. None of the equipment is to leave the room. If you are discovered using it elsewhere your privileges will be revoked. REMINDER - You need to bring your own SD card whenever you check equipment from the FAL Cage.

Light Setup
Each light stand should be plugged into the wall outlets as well as turned on via the power switch built into the cable. Depending on your preference you may now switch on 1 - 4 of the bulbs via the toggles on the back of the light.

When adjusting the light please keep a hand on the grip while loosening the lever. These lights are top heavy and will fall if too loose. The lights are equipped with 2 barn doors and a diffuser. It is recommended that you use one of each for your model. They can be changed by simply loosening and twisting the ring on each unit.

Backdrop Setup
Please be extremely careful with the chains on these backdrops. They are made from plastic and extremely weak, do not rely on them for lowering and raising the backdrops. Please raise and lower like the below picture. If you find the backdrop to be too dirty, come up to the AAP IT Services desk and we will cut you off a new section. There is also a foam block present that you may drape the backdrop over to place your model on (or simply use the floor). When winding up the backdrop please use both hands near the center of the spindle (pic 6).

Please leave the room as clean (or cleaner) than you left it. Unplug AND switch off the 2 lights as well as the main room light. Wind up all backdrops and coil cables per pictures above. Bring back the camera, lens, and key to the FAL cage.

- Terrible photos by Jerry L. :)

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