Speaker Application - CGC | DAPP
We’re putting together a lineup of speakers for the next CGC event that will take place on December 10-11, 2020.

CGC | DAPP is a brand-new addition to the vigorous CGC events series, with the focus on NFT, DeFi and Gaming.

As the blockchain ecosystem matures, developers harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies create safer, user-friendlier practical products where transparency and decentralization is a key to user-owned worlds, open economies and financial freedom.

We're looking for expert speakers who will share knowledge and discuss the intersection, interoperability and value of NFT+DeFi+Gaming combo for businesses and individuals in gaming, digital goods and finance sectors.

Please fill out the form below carefully providing as much relevant information as possible. The approved speaker will receive a complimentary Speaker Pass at the show. The number of speaker spots is limited!

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