Permaculture for Academia - international conference
Blended (in-person and online presenters and participants) International conference to collect and share permaculture- and agroecology-related educational practices for universities and vocational institutions.

29 - 30 of September 2018, Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Supported by the international Visegrad Fund - free participation for all and travel grants for the delegates from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Honoraria for presenters.

Contact person: Pavlo Ardanov, pavlo.ardanov(et), +380969471612

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We will create the public group to keep discussing the topic after the conference.
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Do you need our help to translate your conference presentation into English? *
English is the working language of the conference. In order to support participation of the delegates from the Visegrad countries and Ukraine we can try to find a possibility to translate the conference presentation for few delegates from these countires. If you need such help, please, also indicate your level of English profficiency as no regular translation for participants will be provided.
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Please, indicate if you have completed the Certification Permaculture Design Course (write the year of completion and the name of the trainers). Indicate also any other trainings / degrees recieved in agroecology and permaculture.
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It can be present, past or planned program that you are involived as the teacher or convenor. Indicate the title, format (e.g. degree, non-digree, public / adult education, extersion of existing program, extracurricular activity etc) and provide short description. If you are not teacher or does not have the program simply write "No" or inform us about desired program.
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Event questions
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We can support 20 delegates in total from Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine with130 euro transport costs, board and meal.
Do you request presenter's honorarium *
The sum is 60 EUR which we transfer to the bank account in euro (in Ukrainian hryvnia for Ukrainian presenters) upon submittion the the invoice (for private entrepreneurs) or work-for-hire agreement
What are your expectations from the events? *
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Whom would you recommend us to invite as the conference presenters?
We need the conference presenters as well as the contributors for our research and booklet of permaculture-and agroecology-focused educational practices for universities and vocational institutions. We collect all contributions from the Viesegrad countries and Ukraine and best practices worldwide.
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Do you want to propose the topic for discussion in minigroups?
We are planning a number of more interactive session where we can go more in-depth with specific topics, establish new collaborations, conduct brainstorming to collect ideas and solve the problems. Please, indicate if you would like to facilitate the proposed session.
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Do you want us to organize you the sightseeing tour, visit to permaculture education and demonstration centers around Kyiv (day tour), visit of permaculture-related urban projects in Kyiv? This shall be covered by participants and you need to be able to arrive earlier or depart later (please, indicate which option do you prefer) covering yourself the cost of your extra stay.
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Can you help us as a volunteer?
Transport, accommodation, food
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Please, indicate the type of food you need
Accompanying persons
We don`t provide acommodation an meal for acompanying persons neither organize any special activities / supervision for participant's childred during the conference (unles requested by many of participants and if the costs would be covered by participants themselves). You are solely responsible for your kids and their behavior during the event. Please, indicate who you are coming with and either you need our help to supervise of your children during the conference.
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Special needs
Disabilities, food allergies, special diet, health issues, other requirements. All university premises are accessible and adapted for disabled.
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Anyting else?
Please, inform us about anything alse that we need to know. If you can help with translation from other languages than your native, please, write it here.
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