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The Centre for Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry is piloting its CCA Supports programme of activity and we want YOU to let us know what you need - what can benefit your practice? We are particularly keen to hear from emerging artists, curators, writers, producers, gallerists, educators, collectors and any combination of these or more as well as those with more established careers with a view to what would have helped them achieve their careers. Please take a few moments to complete the following survey.
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For specific events that cost money beyond our means, CCA are considering crowdsourcing for events. That means when we have enough people committed and have raised enough money we will be able to run the event. This is a model I:
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CCA is planning to launch a Project Space dedicated to artists wanting to test out new work, interact with audiences, document work outside the studio and as a focus for new projects.
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I would like to have my work in the Project Space
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The Project Space intends to have short exhibitions to enable a lot of people to be able to use it. What would be the ideal duration of a Project Space exhibition/event (note: minimum of 1 hour)
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Thank you for your time - your feedback will help inform our future CCA Supports programme
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