Day 1 10 Day Spiritual Body Awakening
Each day there will be a Video with the Lesson of the day and Workbook questions for you to fill out. This form will be available for 24 hrs. The more consistent you are in filling out the forms, the better your results. if you miss an day, don't worry the entire project will be available for purchase at the end.

Please give me permission to anonymously use some quotes form your process in the workbook to help others awaken to their true potential. Any identifying details will be changed.
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7 laws of Spiritual body awakening
Welcome to the start of your journey, Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
Tell me your story and why you want to start this journey?
What is your biggest struggle with accepting that you are not perfect, but working towards a better version of yourself?
Lesson 1 The Law of reminding ourselves that everything is on purpose and for our benefit. We can do this with every glass of water. Learn how!
How many liters of water are you drinking today?
You are on a great path to start
Amazing job you had so many opportunities to assert G-d's Hand in your life at every moment
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How can you help yourself to remember to say this blessing with intention  or say it at all more often?  
How did you react differently in a situation after having some water and realigning yourself that you are present in this moment for a reason and you have G-ds support to succeed?
How did you connect to this idea? How would you put it in your own words?
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