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Information Technology Questions
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Does your business currently have an IT department or IT representative? *
How many servers does your business operate? *
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What operating system does your server(s) use? *
How many workstations does your business utilize? *
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Are you using a backup system and if so, what kind of backup are you using? *
How often do you backup your server and workstations? *
In the event of a disaster, failure, or outage, how long would it take to get your system back up and running? *
Do you have a firewall network appliance? *
If so, what is the brand of the firewall that you use?
How many remote users have or need access to your central network? *
Do you issue company cellphones? *
If yes, do you monitor or track these mobile devices?
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Do you use Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software on your server(s) and workstations? *
If yes, what brand of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware do you use?
What email platform does your company utilize? *
Does your network utilize VPN's or Remote Access to your internal network? *
Who is your ISP (Internet Services Provider)? *
Does your office use a WiFi connection for wireless devices? *
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