Order Grass Straws Vietnam
Ghi chú: Cửa hàng 3T chỉ cung cấp ống hút cỏ tại Việt Nam.
Ống hút cỏ tươi: vui lòng đặt hàng trước 7 ngày.
Ống hút cỏ khô: vui lòng đặt hàng trước 10 ngày.
* Notes: We sell grass straws in Vietnam only. We don't ship grass straws over sea. So if you have friend in Vietnam, you can ask them buy then send grass straws to you.
- Fresh grass straws: must order before 7 days.
- Dried grass straws: must order before 10 days.
Our website: www.cuahang3t.org | Our products:
- Grass straws www.onghutco.com
- Bamboo straws: www.onghuttre.com
- Lia thia's Handicraft : www.liathia.net
Contact: +84908148081 (Tiến).
Email: order@cuahang3t.org | cuahang3t@outlook.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/onghutco | www.facebook.com/cuahang3t
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