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Please complete our Device Warranty Registration Form upon receipt of your device. Completing this form in advance will expedite the manufacturer warranty process for any future claims submitted in association with a pre-registered device.

Any device purchased directly from or any of our authorized retailers ( is automatically covered under the following two manufacturer warranties:

     -One Year Free Replacement Warranty
     -Lifetime 1/2 Price Replacement Warranty

*Healthy Rips manufacturer warranties cover any device failure not caused by the user (excluding loss, tampering, physical damage, and liquid damage). For further details regarding our manufacturer warranty, feel free to read through our Terms & Conditions -

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The serial number can be found on the silver, square sticker on the inside lid of the device box. If you no longer have the device box please type N/A, and understand that this could negatively impact your warranty eligibility.
Proof of Purchase

If your Healthy Rips device was NOT purchased from, but was purchased from one of our authorized retailers ( - please email us a copy of your proof of purchase (

The file provided can be a photo of the purchase receipt, a screenshot of the order invoice, a downloaded document of the online order confirmation, etc. Any file successfully emailed to us will be accepted, as long as it clearly includes the customer information, retailer information, purchase date, purchase price, and device model.
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