Tekko 2019 Cosplay Photomeet Request
This form is for community members to request a cosplay photo meet-up location and time to appear on the schedule in our Fan Guru app. This should be filled out only by the person who is running the event.
What is your name? *
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If you're hosting this as a cosplay page, you may list the name here:
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What is your email address? *
Please be sure it's typed correctly!
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What is the name of your meet-up? *
Keep it simple so that anyone who sees the event understands what it is. For example "Overwatch at Tekko 2019" or "Creepypasta Meet-up."
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Please provide a brief description of your meet-up. *
This will be published in the Fan Guru app. Example, "Avengers, assemble! This is a group photoshoot for all Marvel cosplayers and fans."
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What day is your photo meet-up? *
Are there any events that you anticipate conflicting with your meet-up, or that would require you to change the time?
For example, a My Hero Academia panel would conflict with a My Hero Academia photo meet-up.
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What time is your photo meet-up? *
How long do you anticipate your meet-up lasting? *
It can be difficult to predict, but take a guess. A popular series will almost certainly have more cosplayers and last much longer than a smaller one.
Which location is your FIRST choice? *
Please refer to the community-run spreadsheet to avoid double-booking. You'll be contacted if we notice a conflict. Please note that areas outside the DLLCC, including the dock area, are not covered by Tekko's liability insurance--shoot at your own risk. Meeting at any spot not designated as a photo spot may result in your group being asked to move.
Which location is your second choice? *
This is in case of double booking.
Is there anything else you'd like staff to know about your meet up?
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I have read the Tekko Code of Conduct and Photo Meet Ups Guidelines and agree to abide by them. I understand that this form is a first-come, first-serve request, and not a guarantee to reserve a spot and time, or even for me to be a host. I agree to work with others in the case that multiple requests are made for the same series. I understand that failure to communicate in a timely fashion may result in my event not being placed on the official schedule. I understand that I am responsible for promoting my meet, and that requesting that a meet be scheduled does not guarantee attendance. I agree to contact staff promptly if I become unable to host or require a change in time or location. *
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