Application for India Industry Internships 2019
swissnex India is running an internship program called 'India Industry Internships' in partnership with ETH Zurich, HEIG-VD, HSR, SUPSI, HEIA-FR, FHNW and Gebert Rüf Stiftung. This program offers the exciting opportunity for students from Swiss Federal Institutes and Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences to do a 3-months industrial internship in the field of Robotics/Automation, AI and Digital Health in Bangalore. Bangalore is a vibrant city in South India known as the 'Silicon Valley of India' due to the large number of IT companies.

Please note for students enrolled in Indian universities, we have ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship program with an application deadline of 15 December 2018. Click here:

Timeline & Application Deadline
This is the 1st call for 2019 internships for 3 months period (starting from Feb 2019).

Applications open until 3 December 2018 and starting dates are flexible depending on academic calendar. An extension of the internship might be possible if supported by the company.

Students in Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Biomedical and System Engineering from the partner Swiss Federal Institute and Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences who
- study either in the 3rd year of their Bachelor program or in their Master program (possibility of writing the final thesis as part of the internship)
- have graduated within one year from the start of the internship
- taking gap year between their Bachelor and Master program
Support to students
- Living allowance of INR 65’000 per month (around CHF 900 - 950) following Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) guidelines for India covering costs for accommodation, food and local transportation.
- International air-travel (economy, up to CHF 1’000) and visa costs are reimbursed.
- Host companies will help the students to find suitable accommodation.

Important: It is in the responsibility of the student to organize health insurance which is valid for India.

Current Projects
Current Projects open are the following

1. 3-D Modelling of Human Head & Predictive Simulation of Head Movement Using Head Mounted IMU (Cyclops Medtech)
2. Modelling of Inner Ear Intertial Fluid Movement Using Head Mounted IMU (Cyclops Medtech)
3. Animatronic Module to Move 3-D Shape Around a Circular Bend (Pors & Rao)
4. Physical High-res Motion Curve Recorder for Robotic Puppeteering (Pors & Rao)
5. Cloud Robotics Platform Development (Rapyuta Robotics)
6. Interactive Multi-modal Smart Teaching of Industrial Robotics Arms (Systemantics)
7. Autonomous Environment Mapping of an Industrial Robotic Arm (Systemantics)

Details on each project is available here:

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