August Classes - Romancing the Gothic
All our classes are free to access. Experts join us from all over the world to offer talks on a wide range of subjects. We encourage everyone who can to support the project by individually supporting speakers or contributing to the (otherwise unfunded) project so that we can keep going.
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Which of these Saturday Classes would you be interested in? (If you cannot come to either time, we can send you a video of the talk but not discussion)
Which of these classes would you be interested in? (If you cannot come, you can be sent a video of the talk)
Would you be interested in coming to a book group at 11.30 pm and 7 pm on Thursdays? You can come weekly or one off. This month we're reading Meredith Katz, Adam Wing, Martha Wells (murderbot) and a selection from Uncanny Magazine. For more information -
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How can we best contact you? Email or twitter? Please leave details here. If you use twitter, please add @RomGothSam so I can send you the link. *
Have you checked out our website and youtube channel? You can find previous classes, informative blog posts, details of upcoming events etc. and
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Did you know you can support the project and access extra materials (from audiobooks, to short fiction, to extra classes) from and It helps me keep it so everyone can access our resources and helps pay contributors a (as yet tiny) sum. What would you like to see there?
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