ACTR Russian Scholar Laureate Award 2018 Nomination Form
The ACTR Russian Scholar Laureate Award
The American Council of Teachers of Russian designates ACTR Russian Scholar Laureates each school year. Every school where Russian is taught may designate one out­standing sophomore or junior for this award. Stu­dents in other years are not eligible, and there can be only one award per school. Any school that has more than 100 students studying Russian may nominate two students.

1. The nominee must be a tenth- or eleventh-grade student of Russian language in a high school in the United States during the academic year of the award;
2. A principal or headmaster must nominate the student and certify his or her eligibility;
3. Full name of the student as it should appear on the certificate. If you want to include the middle name, type it after the first name.
4. Be ready to submit an official Letter of Nomination and a nominee's photograph below or email to

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