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Thank you for using this online form to recommend a student for admission to the St. Albans School of Public Service! In order to fully access and complete this form you will need to use the scroll bar on the right to scroll down until you see the "submit" button at the bottom the page. You will receive a confirmation notice upon successful transmission of your recommendation.

Please also note that the Teacher Recommendation Form asks for an assessment of the applicant of one or more paragraphs -- we recommend that you write and save this assessment in a separate document and then cut and paste it into the appropriate text box below.
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Please tell us about the applicant in one or more paragraphs. We are interested in learning whether the applicant is likely to thrive in a fast-paced program focusing on politics, public policy, and public service in which the students are asked to do a significant amount of reading and participate frequently in discussion-based seminars and case studies. We are also happy to accept letters sent separately via email. If you take this option, please note in the text box that you plan to email your letter separately.
We recommend that you write your recommendation in a separate document and then cut and paste it into the text box below. *
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