Access to food in Rural Northamptonshire
Northamptonshire ACRE and partners are interested in how affordable and accessible food is in rural Northamptonshire.

For the purposes of this survey Rural Northamptonshire is defined as a settlement with less than 10000 people.

For more information about the charity please visit or email
Where is your village or parish located? *
Please indicate your age *
Do you have school aged children living in your household? *
How close is the nearest town (in miles)? *
Do you drive or have access to a car? *
How many miles do you have to travel to get to the nearest shop that supplies fresh food and groceries? *
Do you do your grocery shopping online? *
How often do you 'shop local' using a small or independent supplier for example a farm shop, local butchers or bakery. *
Most or all of my food is brought this way
What do you see as the main cause or causes of food insecurity in your community? *
How easy is it for you to access fresh food and vegetables *
I often struggle to access fresh food
Buying fresh food is easy
We are interested in learning the challenges that people live in rural Northamptonshire with regards to accessing affordable food. Please tick any that apply and feel free to add any other challenges you feel we may have missed.
If you were struggling financially and needed support with a food parcel, do you know who you could contact for help, do you have any locally accessible support?
Does your community have any novel ways of solving food insecurity for example a village shop, Good Neighbours Scheme or bulk purchasing scheme.
Have you needed support to access food in the last year? Who supported you? *
Have you supported households in your community that faced food insecurity in the last year? If so please estimate how many (if you are part of a wider neighbourhood group please let us know the group name or parish to avoid duplicate responses)
If you have supported households with food insecurity please let us know the main reasons for the food insecurity in your community
We would like to create a map to support rural food suppliers, please give examples of any that you feel should be included on the map
Do you have anything you would like to add? Can you give an example (without giving away personal details) of food insecurity in your community.
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