MMU New Studio Access Request
Dear Studio User,

You're filling out this form to gain access to the MMU Recording Studio, located in the basement of FIC.  The studio is a great place to make music and get your creative juices flowing.  We encourage you to use the space and have a great time, but there are somethings you should know.

Terms of Use

1. Gear that is in the recording studio belongs in the recording studio.  Unless you are being personally accompanied by a member of the MMU Leadership, you are not allowed to remove gear from the studio.

2. Not all of the gear in the studio belongs to MMU.  In general, recording gear—microphones, XLR cables, the computer, monitors, interfaces, etc.—are all property of MMU, as are the TC Electronic Bass Amp and the Fender Blues Junior and Frontman Guitar Amps.  Some of the gear in the recording studio that does not belong to MMU—ie instruments and the Mesa-Boogie amplifier—is quite expensive and we will hold you personally accountable for damage to any gear that you do not own.  In short, if its not yours or not MMU's, don't use it without the express permission of the owner.

3. The recording studio is like a campsite...minus the bonfires and grizzly bears.  By this we mean that if you use the studio, you should leave it as good or better than you found it. What this means: coil all cables and return them to their appropriate location, return all microphones to the microphone cabinet and place all microphone stands on the wall to the right of the whiteboard.  Additionally, throw away any trash you may have generated.

4. No smoking or alcohol inside the studio.  As the studio is technically an academic space (due to its location in FIC), it follows the same guidelines as any other academic space in relation to alcohol.

5. Although recording is a time-consuming process, please be respectful of the needs of others.  To reserve the space, use go/recordschedule.  Please write your full name or band name—if you're writing a band name, please indicate who is responsible for the key.

6. You are responsible for returning the key to Armstrong Library as soon as you are done with your rehearsal.  If you are done rehearsing later than the hours of Armstrong Library, you are responsible for returning the key to the studio by noon the next day. Failure to do so will result in grizzly bears and/or library fines.

By filling out this form, you agree to the above Terms of Use.

Enjoy the music,
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