HSWM Foster Application
Thank you for your interest in fostering! Fostering an animal with our organization does not cost you anything, just love and a place for sick, injured, young, kennel stressed, or underweight animals to sleep and get healthy. We provide all of the necessary supplies to foster for us, and if you decide to purchase any additional supplies, we do not reimburse you.

If you are interested in fostering kittens, our kitten foster time of year goes from mid April to late September/ealy October. This is the time of year we call kitten season. We get overrun with underage kittens and nursing moms that need a place to stay so they stay healthy until they are big enough for adoption. Depending on how big the kittens are when we send them out, they need to stay in foster anywhere from 2-10 weeks. They also need to be brought in to our facility once every two weeks for vaccines once they are 4 weeks old. We prefer that you have a seperate room to keep your foster kittens in, and once they have had at least two vaccines, they can interact with your personal pets at your own risk. You can choose to only take litters without a mom cat, or to take both litters with a mom and without. If you have your own cats and cannot seperate your cats from the fosters, we always recommend litters without a mom cat since mom cats can get territorial with their kittens.

You, your friends, or family can adopt your foster kittens and/or mom cat, but they must remain in your home until they are cleared to be adopted. Once you, your friends/family decides on a kitten(s), you must let the foster coordinator know and be able to distinguish the adopted one(s) from the rest of the litter. The adopter must still fill out one of our adoption applications and submit it to the foster coordinator. Once they are cleared for adoption, we will let you know the next steps in the adoption process.

If you are interested in fostering a dog, we typically send our dogs that are not adjusting well to the kennel settings. We do sometimes send fearful dogs or medical case dogs to foster as well. Unless it is a special foster dog case, we expect our foster families to promote and market their foster dog as much as possible and really try to adopt the dog out "on their own". We often have people forget about dogs in foster because people don't see them when they walk through our kennels, so we really need the people the dog lives with to promote them and get them adopted. The foster is still ours and if you ever need to return your foster dog, we take it back, and we will still promote the dog on our end, but ultimately we want the foster families to find a home for their foster dog. We make sure your foster dog will fit your household whether it needs to be a kid friendly dog, or good with other dogs, etc.
If you decide to adopt your foster dog, there is no adoption fee for you. Friends/family must pay the normal adoption fee.

We sometimes have a need for foster homes for puppies, mom dogs with puppies, adult cats, or small animals. These instances are usually very temporary and less than a 1 month commitment.

After you complete the application, the Foster Coordinator will reach out to you when we have an animal available that would fit your household.

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