#ToxicBankers debrief
Around May 4-6th, people who have decided it's a good idea to be rising up did a bunch of #ToxicBankers actions around the country, increasing the pressure on Barclays to divest from Third Energy. A week later at the Barclays AGM they announced they would divest.

This comes after years of campaigning by grassroots activists and other groups, such as People and Planet and Friends of the Earth. It is possible that the actions taken through the #ToxicBankers series of actions had a part in swinging this decision by Barclays. You can read more info about the decision here:
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It may be worth bearing in mind that we're not alone on this: "People & Planet are launching a new campaign to Divest Barclays from the flagship coal, oil and gas projects. These include the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), the Cerrejon coal mine in Columbia, and Great Barrier Reef Coal & Gas Exports in Australia. Barclays are easily the worst high street bank in the fossil fuel financing business, so we are demanding that they withdraw project finance and corporate finance from these projects. We are demanding that Barclays ditch all fossil fuel finance." https://peopleandplanet.org/blog/2017-05-15/barclays-ditch-frackers-third-energy
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