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Study Name: Format Study
This study examines how the ways texts are formatted influences reading. Participants will read passages formatted three different ways and will answer comprehension questions. Participants will also be asked to read list of words, nonwords and short sentences, as well as to complete measures of working memory and visual attention. 120 for 2 SONA credits or $10.
Study Name: Memory Study
This Study Investigating the effect of memory training and testing individual cognitive abilities. It is a 9 day study - includes 1 day of pre-test (1 hour), 7 days of training (20-25 min each day), 1 day of post-test (1 hour). 4.5-5 hour s for 5 SONA credits.
Study Name: ADHD Study
This study is for children ages 7 - 14 with ADHD. Children will play memory games and parents will be asked to monitor child engagement. This study requires 2 in-lab visits (1.5 hours each) of cognitive testing and 6 days of at-home cognitive training (~15 minutes per day for a 1 week period). Parents will be compensated $20 and children will be given token prizes.
Study Name: Older Adult Memory Study
This study is for Adults ages 65-85. You will come into the lab 5 times over the course of 1 year and will train (at home) for 2-4 weeks doing 20 sessions of training on a tablet we lend you. Each session takes about 20 minutes to complete.
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