Parenting Experience and Interest Survey
Through answering these questions you are helping me learn about what my clients really want and how I can best meet their needs. Thank you!!
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What are your 3 biggest frustrations/struggles around parenting/being a mom?
What about mothering/parenting keeps you up at night?
Dream a bit…what is a solution or route to improvement or help for these issues? You can be UNREALISTIC!
What strategies have you tried that have worked? Haven’t worked?
What would it feel like for you to not have these parenting struggles?
What, if anything, are these issues costing you?
How important is it for you to grow/change in this area of your life?
If you've gotten help for these struggles (through classes/therapy, etc.) what did you like best about that?
What frustrated you most about that process or about paying for this support?
What is your ultimate dream for yourself as a mother?
I'm going to be writing a blog! What topics interest you?
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