The Vessel Application
Welcome, radiant woman! I’m so excited that you’re feeling the call within your body to join The Vessel...

My intention with this container is to make sure that each woman in it is a total soulmate match. Please fill out the following application, so I can get to know you more. I invite you to write your answers intentionally, as they (along with attuning to energy) are what I base if we're a match to work together on.

If selected, you'll receive an email with a full invite (all the details you need to step into The Vessel + an opportunity to ask any questions you may have)!

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Full Name *
What country are you based in, beauty? *
How did you hear about The Vessel and what is drawing you to it? *
Which areas that we will be diving into are calling to you most deeply and why? (Select as many as apply to you) *
Have you done any work with them already? (self-study, direct mentorship, group program, etc.) Please describe... *
What is your current relationship with the areas above? *
What challenges do you presently have with them? *
What are your deepest desires for how they could be in your life and what will experiencing these desires change in your life? *
Are you deliciously clear within your body that the time is now to dive into this work OR is it something you are just feeling into? *
Naturally, a part of this process is investing in yourself/the work. On a scale of 1-10, how devoted/ready/equipped are you to make an investment? (1 = I've not set asides funds/don't see myself finding a way to invest and 10 = I have funds set aside to invest in myself and feel so ready/equipped) *
Please post your social media and/or website links here (they’re a great tool to feel into a person’s energetic!) *
Did anyone refer you to the program or do you have a referral code? (If so, please share)
Is there anything else you desire me to know, darling?
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