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The GLA Honors Fellowship will push you to explore and analyze the aspects of international service though the lens of your specific academic passion. People change the world every day though many different academic pursuits, and this GLA Fellowship allows you to chase your own.

Whether you’re helping health workers in the field or taking care of endangered animals, the experiences that come from GLA program can lend amazing inspiration to your studies. Traveling to a new country, experiencing a diverse culture first hand, adventuring with peers, and helping local communities will give you fresh perspective on your academic passion.

The fellowship is broken up into three distinct sub-categories: Public Health, Animal & Wildlife, and International Volunteering. You’ll choose one of these categories before you leave for your program, focusing on the specific aspects and requirements before, throughout, and after your program. This fellowship is completely self-driven. Nobody will hold your hand to make sure you complete your work. If you’re a motivated student that wants to push yourself beyond your limits, this fellowship is for you.

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