Hog Farm Hangout 2020 Krew Member Volunteer Application


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the inaugural Hog Farm Hangout! We rely heavily on our amazing volunteers at the Black Oak Ranch so thank you in advance! Please read and acknowledge the below information before filling out your application.

This is an application to volunteer at the Hog Farm Hangout and does NOT guarantee you a volunteer spot. We have many returning Krew members at the Black Oak Ranch every year. We will not be able to confirm all volunteer applications.

The trade hours for Krew Members are:
During show shifts: 18 work hours
Pre/post show shifts: 24 work hours

You will be charged an non-refundable impact fee of $20 per car and $100 per RV. Impact fees are collected on site. Carpooling is encouraged!

If you are confirmed as a Krew Member, You will receive a Confirmation Letter. If we are unable to add you to a Krew you will receive a Waiting List letter.

We will contact you within one month of your application submission to let you know if you have been accepted on a volunteer Krew. Thanks for your Patience! If you bought a ticket before getting confirmed for a Krew, we are unable to refund your ticket.

We are always in need of responsible Krew members. We are looking for talented, energetic, enthusiastic folks who love festivals to help maintain the high quality of this annual event. We are looking for folks with all sorts of different skills. Prior festival experience is a plus. Most festival barter Krew jobs do not require specialized skills (there are a few exceptions which are noted).

TRAINING & SCHEDULING: Training occurs at one of two group meetings at the festival site in June. Both meetings are MANDATORY. The first at the Festival General Meeting at 9 pm on Thursday, June 11, 2020 and then at individual Krew meetings. The individual Krew meetings will be scheduled by the Coordinator before or after the General Meeting. Coordinators are responsible for scheduling shifts.

Festival Krew members receive one (1) All Weekend pass to the festival (a $350 value), a staff shirt, one meal per six hour shift, and free camping in Barter Krew Kamp. Krew members who want to give more time are welcome to do so.

There are MANY different types of jobs for which we need Krew Members at the Festival, ranging from Parking Lot Crew, to Security, to Kitchen, etc. There are also many different options for WHEN you work.

As a Hog Farm Hangout Krew Member: 1. I realize that I am subject to a code of ethics similar to that which binds the professionals in any field. I, like them, assume certain responsibilities & expect to account for what I do in terms of what I am expected to do. I will honor the goals, rules, and regulations of the festival. 2. I interpret “Barter Krew Member” to mean that I have been accepted as a “partner-in-service” and I expect to do my work according to standards set out by the festival organizers. I understand that the shirt (marked staff) is my uniform. I will refrain from using alcohol and/or drugs before or during my work shifts, or at any time while wearing my staff shirt. I understand that as a Krew member, I represent the Hog Farm Hangout and will act in a manner that reflects positively on the event. 3. I promise to take to my work an attitude of open mindedness, to be willing to be trained for it, & to bring to it my interest & attention. I believe my attitude toward Krew work should be professional. I believe that I have an obligation to my work, to those who direct it, to my colleagues, & to the public. Being eager to contribute all that I can to the goals of the festival, I accept this code of ethics, to be followed carefully & cheerfully.

Krew Members are one of the mainstays of this festival – without their dedication and effort, we could not put the Festival on each year. Each Krew Member represents the “face” of the Hog Farm Hangout and thereby is an ambassador for our organization. The Hog Farm Hangout expects that they will be enthusiastic, friendly, helpful and professional at all times during their Krew shifts. It will be important to report on time & ready to work to all shifts to which you have been assigned.

In addition, Krew Members are required to:
- Sign & return one copy of their Festival Krew Member Application/Contract/Waiver when they check in.
- Attend both of the Training Meetings held at the Festival site (Black Oak Ranch). Attendance at our General Krew meeting is mandatory for all Krew Members & indicates a Krew Member’s commitment to completing their job assignment. Individuals who miss the training meetings & do not communicate with their Area Coordinator are subject to being replaced. General Meeting is held at 9 pm Thursday, June 11, 2020 at Black Oak Ranch.
Check with Coordinator for Krew Meeting Times.

Thanks for your interest, If your krew choice is available, and/or a krew that you have the appropriate skills for, a Coordinator will contact you, or you will get an e-mail letting you know that you have been confirmed or you are on the waiting list. You are not confirmed until contacted. 
If you would like to apply, please complete the on-line Application Form. The application form will be available until all positions are filled.

Krew Member numbers in each Department are strictly limited. If you are a returning Krew Member & wish to work in the same department as last year, please complete the Krew Member application form online. An email confirming your application will be sent to you from the Barter Krew Coordinator. Your details will be passed onto the Coordinator of your selected area, who will then contact you. If you are a returning Krew Member wishing to work in a different department, please complete the Krew Member application form online & indicate your preferences of departments. The Barter Krew Coordinator will discuss these possible changes with you & then forward your details onto the relevant Coordinator. Please note that the Barter Krew Coordinator will make every effort to place you in your preferred ‘new’ department, however, positions are limited & returning Krew Members remaining in the same department will be given priority. Arrival Time: No Early Arrivals unless requested to do so. All Krew Members must attend the Krew/Staff Orientation Meeting on Thursday, June 11, at 9 pm at Black Oak Ranch.

- Develop a community and ask questions. Our attitude will be one of openness, friendliness and respect toward all people and the environment around us.
- Check in at designated area 15 minutes before scheduled shift. Be prepared to work your shift when reporting for duty. Bring water, snacks, appropriate clothing, wear sunscreen, wear a hat, wear comfortable shoes, and be prepared for any kind of weather, etc. and a flashlight (if nighttime) when coming on your shift.
- Please camp in designated areas. Be prepared. Bring essential camping gear.
- Respect the Fire Lanes. Any vehicles or tents blocking fire lanes will be removed.
- Swim at your own risk. As always, Please be respectful of the natural environment. Please Do Not use any soap or shampoo in or near the river.


E-mail questions or inquiries to Kerry at: festivekrew@yahoo.com
I have read and agree to the above Volunteer Information
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