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The Merry Tutor Guidelines
The Merry Tutor provides free tutoring to elementary and junior high school students in all core subject areas. Simultaneously, we offer high school student volunteers the opportunity to mentor and teach younger students.



Nichols Library, Teen Section
School Year: 1-4 pm Saturday and Sunday
Summer: 1-4 pm Saturday and Sunday
Alive Center (500 W Fifth Ave):
School Year: 4-6 pm Tuesday and Wednesday
Summer: 1-4 pm Tuesday and Friday

No appointments are necessary.

Visit us at or contact us, using the email address


-We operate on a first-come first-serve basis. We make sure wait time is under 15 minutes.
-We cap sessions at 30 minutes only if we do not have enough tutors to accommodate the amount of tutees. Since we usually have plenty of tutors, our sessions average 45-60 min.
-If you have any specific information about your child that might be helpful to the tutor, feel free to let him/her know at the beginning of the session.
-After your session ends, the tutor will be able to speak to you briefly about what was accomplished.
-We will also send you a session summary that recaps what was accomplished, what can be done at home, and what the students should be learning at the next lesson.


-Tutees must be registered (through this form) to use our services.
-Tutees must bring ALL materials on which they would like to work.
-We cannot give out the personal information of our tutors.
-Our tutors cannot accept any gifts from tutees or their families. However, a thank-you note, positive feedback, or recommendations would be appreciated. If you wish to support the organization you can find a donation link on our website.
-Our organization abides by the Naperville District 203 Academic Integrity policy.
-We are not responsible for care of your child.
-A guardian must be on site for any tutee under 8 years of age.
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