Awaken to Your Transcendence Life!

This fantastic group will give you everything you need to ask yourself in order to be aligned and aware in your business and personal life. This group features intuitive and healer, Barbara Christensen, and her secret tools for connecting with your energy field, spirit guides, transmuting and clearing out stagnant energy and beliefs, that she only shares with her biggest clients. Worth it's weight in gold for anyone looking to grow their energetic connectivity in a manner that allows for healing of emotional baggage, releasing empathic sludge, and create a stronger connection with your divine purpose.
Energy work is KEY to a balanced life!
Learn the top energy secrets you need to know to create an expansive, abundant and fulfilling life!

This is going to change your everything!

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Enrollees in September will be facilitated in the Beta level and not charged as Barbara is traveling and will only receive two weeks facilitation in that month. You will receive your first invoice for October the last week of September should you wish to continue. You will also be sent the link to join the secret facilitation group on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, you can participate in the weekly live group facilitation, receive the monthly meditation, abundance clearings, belief clearings, and once monthly distance healing session.
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As empathic beings (of which we truly all are) we are tied into this energy that we take to belong to us. We use it for hate, fear, disgust... and most of the time against ourselves. We then take and let that energy burrow down and fester. It creates shoulder pain, tortured digestion, but most of all it creates emotional reactions.

How many "healers" and "lightworkers" have you met that have FILLED themselves up with emotions and dodgy energy and do not know how to release it (if they have even acknowledged that they are scooping it all up into their container) or released every bit of light to just to have the space to sit there with everything they have let in?

How many people say they want to help others, but are struggling to help themselves?

How many people are just lashing out at the world in ridiculous ways rather than let go of the rigid "emotional" rock they have packed around for ages?

No matter if you are having reactions against yourself or pushing it outward onto others... it is a blockage between your physical being and your true self.

We do require all of the medicine and therapists to help our bodies through the damage we create by just not letting that shit go.

We swim in it and dig down into those low vibrations... feeding it the energy of dead food, what I call dead entertainment & loss. We create a sense of comfort within the feelings of unthriving energy.

We are walking around in a broken machine that we refuse to support...just waiting to escape it.

I am pretty sure that wasn't the idea of what gave you a spark to venture into this life.

You don't have to feel like a block of cement slowly falling through the water into the dark abyss. Learning how those energies have been trapped, how to unwind it, release it and stop taking it all into your body is essential if you want to be a light in darkness and learn to float back to the surface.

Aren't you tired of being tired?
Sick of feeling like crud?
Done with the heavy feelings?
Beyond the emotions you've tied to your body, money, job, relationships, self worth??

I have already decided that my word for 2020 will be 'Transcendence'. My focus will be on teaching the connections of existence so you can do what you came here to experience beyond the normal and physical level we have defined as our sad reality.. So that you can learn how to cleanse and clear energy and beliefs that do not serve you.

What if I could teach you how to do this? I am opening a pre-launch to beta-hack and fine tune my processes and am opening it up to those in my inner circle of love. And if you love what you learn, I am hoping you'll really start understanding and celebrating of the glory that you... as a being ... are!! That you will start believing in your self, using the techniques of energetic healing and creating the ability to flow right through everything that you are struggling with and letting it continue on its way.

Great for energy knowledgeable and inexperienced alike.
About Barbara Christensen: Barbara Christensen is the energetic and lifestyle guru for a generation of holistic warriors. Certified in many modalities, she has been coaching others for over 20 years.
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