CHIditarod Incident Reporting Form
This form is available for participants at the CHIditarod Annual Shopping Cart Race to make anonymous or after-the-fact reports about incidents that may have affected their safety or well-being at the event.

We want you to have fun at the CHIditarod. If you're here, reading these instructions, something might have happened to make you feel unsafe or unwelcome, and we're sorry to hear that that happened.

You are not required to say who you are or share your contact information with us. If you choose to submit this report anonymously, we can not follow up with you directly, but we will investigate the incident and take any efforts that may be needed to prevent reoccurrance.
Please describe the incident that occurred.
Any detail you are able to offer will help us better understand and investigate the incident.
[OPTIONAL] Your contact information
If you would like us to contact you about the incident that brought you to this form, please tell us how you would like us to contact you.
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