Attention Toronto Ultimate Community. Toronto Tox6ix are actively seeking individuals interested in coaching for the Toronto Women’s Ultimate System for the 2018 season. We are specifically seeking to fill up to three coaching positions

About the team:

Toronto Tox6ix is a Toronto’s Competitive Women’s Team, established in the spring of 2016. This team competes primarily in the Canadian Ultimate Series. In our first year, Tox6ix came together with a variety of experience and created a passionate community that saw great development in our players. In our second year, the team grew even stronger, gaining talent from Toronto's top juniors program TORO as well as the university series. This year our team plans to take the growth built from last season and hit the ground running, continuing with development while also being competitive and placing in top spots at tournaments. In 2018, Tox6ix is looking to break out into the US circuit to continue to push themselves as a team.

COMMITMENTS (to be divided as seen fit between coaches):

2 practices per week (MONDAY and Thursday evenings 6:30-9:00PM)
Toronto Ultimate Festival: early May, Toronto, ON
NY Warm Up (June 2-3)
Ontario Regionals: Early July, Location TBD
No Borders: July 21-22, Ottawa, ON
Canadian Nationals: August 16-19, Brampton, ON

DUTIES (to be divided as seen fit between coaches):

Taking part in the 2018 Women’s Teams selection process (April 28-29)
Creating a practice plan for the 2018 season (working alongside team leadership)
Creating a strategic plans for the 2018 season (working alongside team leadership)
Responsible for in-game line calling
*NOT* responsible for administrative duties


A thorough knowledge of Ultimate; a background playing high-level Ultimate is an asset
A collaborative and team-oriented mindset
A motivated and open-minded individual with an enthusiastic work ethic
Strong verbal and written communication skills; able to communicate effectively one on one and in a group setting
Has a passion for Ultimate, ideally Women’s Ultimate
Has the desire to work with passionate, high-level female athletes
Availability for the above listed dates is crucial
Previous coaching experience is an asset

As one of the Tox6ix coaches, we expect you to be able to demonstrate your knowledge about the game and the players’ strengths and weaknesses in an assertive manner. Ideally, you will inspire a strong work ethic and create a positive team dynamic among the players. It is important to the team to show that you believe in our potential and know how to develop our skills effectively. In addition, coaches would discuss with captains to divide leadership responsibilities between both parties.

At practices, we expect you to create appropriate practice plans that prioritize the targeted individual and team skills that need to be improved. It is important for you to be familiar with the 6ixers playbook and adapt it Tox6ix’s skill level. We hope that you find a balance in reinforcing fundamental skills and progressing to more advanced skills.

At tournaments, we expect you to create constructive goals for each game and give appropriate feedback based on your assessment of the game situation. We hope you are able assess the team atmosphere and recognize what the team needs.

Among the Tox6ix coaches, we expect at least one coach to be at every practice and tournament. Ideally, we’d hope to see two coaches at tournaments when possible and expect that all coaches will be attending CUC.


All expenses incurred while coaching will be paid in full by the team that you are coaching
A stipend will be provided following successful completion of the 2018 season

We encourage interested applicants to apply on an individual basis or with a partner that you feel you could work well with in this position. Interested coaches should complete the application below by March 4th, 2017. Questions, comments and concerns can be directed to torontowomensultimate@gmail.com

Thank You! We eagerly await your applications.

Toronto Women's System
Tox6ix+6ixers leadership

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City/Town of Residence
Why do you want to coach for the Toronto Women's system?
What, if any, relevant coaching experience do you have? Please note that previous experience is not needed, but is seen as an asset.
What experience do you have playing competitive ultimate?
What strengths could you bring to the team as a coach?
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