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The IUCN WCPA Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group is a global network of peers collaborating and exchanging ideas around connectivity conservation on an international scale.
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Working Groups
CCSG has, and will continue to form, Working Groups as necessary and desirable. Working Groups are smaller communities requiring regular and active contributions under their own Terms of Reference.
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If you selected one or more Working Groups, please provide max. 2-3 sentences summarizing your expertise in that field (Transport or Marine) and a maximum of 3 website links as reference.
Please make your answer specific to either Marine or Transport, not about connectivity conservation in general.
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Country and Regional Chapters
We are forming Country and Regional Chapters to better connect members working in similar geographies. Chapters are smaller communities requiring regular and active contributions under their own Terms of Reference.
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If you selected "Yes, but my country or region is not listed," what country or regional chapter would you be interested in joining?
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If you selected "Yes" above, but did not see your country or region, would you be interested in being a founding member/leader of the chapter?
How would you like to participate in the CCSG?
Is there a specific project, landscape, or corridor that you are aware of that is a good candidate for a case study? *
If there is a landscape or corridor that you would like to highlight, please send us any electronic links or information so that our members can get to know your work. Post a link here, email to, or post a file to Basecamp.
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Are you a WCPA Member? *
Action Required
Please know that WCPA requires all CCSG members to be WCPA members. If you are not a WCPA member, please use this link to begin your membership application: For your referee, please list Gary Tabor (, WCPA CCSG Chair. You can access a template letter of recommendation at this link:
We will be using Basecamp as our main platform for communication, including sharing and discussing papers and conferences. You will be receiving an invitation to join, and create an account. You have completed the full application process once you have applied to WCPA, completed the CCSG survey, and created your Basecamp account. Please email with any questions.
Welcome to the CCSG!
We look forward to working with you to advance connectivity conservation around the world.
We are happy to receive feedback on all aspects of the CCSG - please leave any comments or questions below.
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