Eat, Pray and Fall in Love with Israel with The Sweet Wanderlust
February 29th - March 9th Package

If you love food and travel, I firmly believe that Israel is a HUMMUS(t) visit! And if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re feeling the pull! In early 2019, I visited Israel for the sixth time and began gushing about how much I love the country on my Instagram stories. Several people slid into my DMs, with messages saying things like: “Take me with you!” and “That’s so not what I expected Israel to look like!” and “I’d love to go, but I’m afraid to go solo!” Well, my friends, I heard you! And I’d love to travel with you to my favorite place in the world!

Abraham Hostel is an incredible pioneer in the tourism industry in Israel, and I’m excited to introduce you to a group of innovators who are building relational bridges between communities, revitalizing towns and are a whole lot of fun! Don’t get scared off by the word hostel! We’re offering dorm accommodation at a ridiculously affordable rate, but you can upgrade to single or double accommodation, too, for nice rooms at rates far below hotel prices. I stayed with Abraham Hostel for more than 6 weeks, and can wholeheartedly say I know you’ll love it!

I am so excited to introduce you to my favorite shopkeepers (like the one who has a 2,000 year old well in his shop), take you to try some of my favorite foods and desserts, and show you why I’ve fallen so deeply in love with the country. This itinerary is a guide, but I promise surprises along the way!

Read on for the TLDR version and the details of an itinerary through the Holy Land that I’m sure will leave you shakSHOOKa!
a collaboration of The Sweet Wanderlust & Abraham Tours
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