International Youth Day 2017 by KNIU
Theme: Youth Engagement in Social Development and Challenges in Indonesia
1. Prof. Dr. Arief Rachman, M.Pd - Executive Chairman of Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO;
2. UNESCO Office's representative.
Panel Discussion
Theme: Rethinking Youth Engagement with UNESCO
1. Ir. Suharti, M.A., PH.D - Head of Planning and Foreign Affairs of Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia;
2. Dr. Hari Nugroho - Program Director for Research and Development
Indonesian MAB Programme National Committee, LIPI;
3. Hasibullah Satrawi - Director of Aliansi Damai Indonesia (AIDA).
Working Group Session
Recalling the UNESCO responsibilities toward coordinating international cooperation in education, science, culture, and communication, participants will be divided into five groups, and discussing on different themes. Each theme will represent the UNESCO’s mandates. Each groups will be discussing about:
Working Group 1: Education Against Extremism and Radicalism
Working Group 2: Youth Solution to Climate Change
Working Group 3: Biodiversity for Sustainable Living
Working Group 4: Heritage in the Young Hand
Working Group 5: Living in a digital era
As the output of this program, each group will present their action plan.
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