Code of Conduct Violation Reporting Form
Members and Student Competitors: Please use this form to report violations of the TFA Code of Conduct. Please understand that we take violations of the Code of Conduct seriously and will investigate each report. The more information that you can give us, the better. By filling out this form, you are also agreeing to be contacted by a representative of TFA as we investigate allegations, as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

MANDATORY REPORTING WARNING: Texas Forensic Association Executive Council members are all mandatory reporters according to the laws of the state of Texas. If allegations are made that indicate that a student is the victim of abuse or neglect, proper steps will be taken to report this to the appropriate authorities under the law. Additionally, if a report is made that indicates that a student is at risk of harm to self or others, we will take steps to report this to appropriate authorities under the law.  

Submit a SEPARATE FORM for each individual whom you believe has violated the Code of Conduct.
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Who is the person you are filing this claim against? *
Please list the name and contact information (as much as you know) of the person whom you believe to be in violation of the TFA Code of Conduct. This can include contact information, school, etc.
Date of Incident *
Location where the violation occurred *
If the violation happened at a tournament, please indicate which one. If it happened outside of the tournament space, where did it occur?
Issue *
Please give a detailed description of the issue you are reporting. Please provide as many details as possible.
Code of Conduct Violation *
What part of the Code of Conduct do you believe to have been violated?
What role was this person in when you believe they violated the TFA Code of Conduct? *
ADULT Individuals Involved in the Issue *
Please list ANY adults individuals involved in the issue and provide contact information for each person (email address, cell phone number). Please include other witnesses or anyone whom you think may have information on the matter.
STUDENT Individuals Involved in the Issue *
Please list ANY students involved in the issue and provide contact the school of each student involved.
If this occurred at a tournament, did you report it to the tournament director? *
If you are a STUDENT, have you reported this to your coach? *
Other Information *
Is there any other information that we should know?
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