After successfully organising the Jurisedge 2nd National PPT Writing Competition, 2016, we proudly bring to you the Jurisedge 1st Justice PN Bhagwati Research Paper Writing Competition, 2017.

Deadline for Registration: 10th November, 2017

Deadline for Submission: 17th November, 2017

Before filling up the form read the instructions carefully:

1) Registration Fee for Single Author is Rs. 400/-

2) Registration Fee for Co-authorship is Rs. 600/- (Rs. 300/- per author)

3) Registration Fee for Professional is Rs. 500/- (Per Author)

4) First make the payment for Registration Fees via Paytm or PayuMoney.

5) After the transaction is done, one Transaction Number/ID will be generated for that transaction.

6) Write down and keep note of that Transaction Number/ID.

7) At last use that Transaction Number/ID along with other details during the form fill up.

8) Please note that Only author 1 will be notified regarding the successful registration of Competition(after filling up the form) as it is automated-system-generated mail.

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