Experience API Implementation Case Studies
The xAPI (Experience API) & LA (Learning Analytics) SIG is a community of professionals from a variety of disciplines that share the use of xAPI, LA and related Data Science technologies, in order to discuss, and promote best practices, use cases and other resources that will lead to improvements for individual's learning, upskilling and business growth for organizations.

We are collecting xAPI implementation case studies with a special focus on leveraging xAPI for learning analytics in academic or business organizations. The activities are not limited to traditional learning activities, all kinds of activities with digital or paper records that want to use data analytics or adaptive technology to improve the outcomes are included, and the range of records could include data beyond direct behavior results, such as metadata, paradata, health data, personal data, organizational data etc.. The survey results will be shared to whole community.

Please provide information from xAPI case(s) you've directly involved in, if you already have curated your xAPI case studies, just provide us the link URL or upload the file(s) here. Of course, how much you like to share is totally up to you. Please also forward this form to others directly involved in xAPI implementation case(s). If you've made an xAPI project proposal in your organization, but not in execution yet, you're welcome to share it here too.

Peter Berking is in charge of building a decision tree for xAPI & LA implementation. You are welcome to join our SIG to collaborate and present together on our conference.

IEEE ICICLE xAPI & LA SIG (https://www.ieeeicicle.org/xapi-and-learning-analytics-sig/)

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1. The organization which is (will be) implementing or has implemented xAPI project: (if you intend that it be anonymous to the public, please specify) *
2. Short description for the case(s): (e.g. activities, data scale, number of persons, time range etc.) *
3. The value of xAPI in your case(s): (why xAPI? what xAPI enables you to do or see?) *
4. How do you implement xAPI to get its values: (include what has been done and what's planned to be done, please DO give a whole picture from an organization perspective or a complete experience design) *
5. Technical details about your implementation: (behaviors and constructs, vocabulary/profile, storage, dataviz or analytics tools, if you use an xAPI service, give its name or link)
6. Your expectation for the future of xAPI project(s), and what's needed to get there? (other analytics cases/tools that you think can inspire or connect with xAPI implementation are welcome)
7. Do you need more help with your xAPI project(s) to get more actions or deeper analytics value? (this won't be shared with others, only for internal study)
8. f you have files to provide further information or reference, upload it/them here.
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