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Let us know if you are interested in applying for this program or looking to be a coach for this upcoming year (2020).
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Please fill out the information below if you are applying for the 2020-2021 ELI program.
Please tell us who nominated you for this program. If it was an organization give us the name of the organization.
What do you most hope to gain out of this experience?
Why does coaching appeal to you, and what three things do you most want to learn from your coach?
What has been your greatest leadership challenge to date?
Looking back, what is one significant leadership decision you would change and why?
Please give us a brief personal biography and list any community organizations you are involved with.
Please give us a brief employment information and history, including company, industry, job title, what your organization does, and your role in it.
Describe one regional community issue you are passionate about, why it interests you, and how you see yourself making an impact.
Please tell us what you currently believe about the value of work in a gospel context.
Can you attend the Global Leadership Summit on August 6th and 7th, 2020?
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Our cohort lunches are currently scheduled the second Monday of each month from September to May. Which of these three options for that meeting, breakfast (800:9-:30) lunch (11:30-1:00) or dinner (6:00-7:30), do you expect to attend most often?
If we were to offer another option for the cohort meeting what time/day would be the best fit for your schedule?
Can you commit 10 hours per month to the reading, homework, and coaching conversations?
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