Hello Future - Wednesday 10/23 Girls Build Keynotes & Panels - School Group Application
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Your school is invited to apply! Join LA Promise Fund at Hello Future on Wednesday, October 23 from 9:00am - 1:30pm at the Microsoft Theater for an innovative summit designed to inspire middle and high school girls and address the pipeline problem for STEM careers.

At this unique summit, more than 7,500 middle and high school girls will experience:

-Inspiring keynote speakers geared towards young women

-Interactive, engaging panels exploring the intersection of STEM, diversity, and the future of work

APPLY TO ATTEND: Only ONE primary contact (trip leader) from each school should complete this application form. Please note that due to limited capacity, submitting an application does not guarantee attendance. LA Promise Fund staff will reach out to each school contact to confirm your attendance and arrival information.
The LA Promise Fund is partnering with YoMo’s Science + Tech Festival to present Hello Future 2019. Created to address the pipeline problem with STEM, Hello Future is an interactive experience designed to ENGAGE, INSPIRE, and EMPOWER young people from middle school through college by bringing them together with today's most disruptive entrepreneurs, tech innovators, and brands.

Questions? Contact: Scarlett Park at scarlettp@lapromisefund.org
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Please take a moment to provide your best estimates for student + adult attendees below. To ensure space for as many schools as possible, we are limiting attendance to a maximum of 100 people (students + chaperones) per school. Thanks for your understanding!
14. How many MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS (ages 11-13) will be attending with your group? *
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15. How many HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS (ages 14-18) will be attending with your group? *
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16. How many ADULT CHAPERONES (ages 18+) will be attending with your group? *
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LAUSD SCHOOLS: If you are an LAUSD school, you still need to go to your local districts to inform them you are attending - but this field trip is pre-approved at the central level and you should be cleared. Schools are allowed to bring a maximum of 100 people (students and chaperones) and a maximum of two buses. Each bus must take between 40 and 50 people. LA Promise Fund will be working with LAUSD Transportation to secure buses for your school. Once your registration to attend is complete, we will provide you with the bus information, pick-up and drop-off time so you can process all the field trip paperwork necessary for this trip.

SCHOOLS OUTSIDE OF LAUSD: Schools are allowed to bring a maximum of 100 people (students and chaperones). We will reimburse up to $400 per bus, at a maximum of 2 buses per school. Each bus must take between 40 and 50 people. Your school is responsible for booking/reserving your own bus(es). In order to be reimbursed for bus transportation, you must provide an invoice and W9 to girlsbuild@lapromisefund.org by November 30, 2019.

If you are bringing less than 40 people, we recommend taking Metro or setting up a carpool for private rides. We will also reimburse for public transportation and parking. Please save your receipts and email a copy to girlsbuild@lapromisefund.org by November 30, 2019.
17. How will your school group be traveling to Hello Future on 10/23? *
18. If you are traveling via school bus, how many buses do you plan to bring in total from your school?
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