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If you want to work for the development of Peace in Pakistan and be one of our team members, or if you would wish to become an Amnbassador or Peace Seeker. Please fill this form and we would get in touch with you :)
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(4-5 lines of crisp introduction in third person singular. Please also mention your achievements briefly. For example, if your name is Hafiz, start like, "Hafiz is an amazing Pakistani who has won a gold medal in peace building. He's currently working at NUST. He has...." Yes, this way :)
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*To be an Amnbassador, you must carry at least 3 years of experience with minimum one international representation of Pakistan at any platform as a participant, speaker or as an organizer. **To be a Peace Seeker, you must show a strong dedication towards peace building in the society. You must have participated in minimum two national level conferences, seminars or workshops as a participant, speaker or as an organizer
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