DCDI Registration 2019
BAM's very own annual competition, DC DanceSport Inferno (DCDI), is coming up on November 8-10! We host it ourselves in the Grand Ballroom of the Stamp. The competition lasts all Saturday and Sunday with a Friday night social dance, a team match Saturday afternoon, and a Saturday night open show!

Competion registration is FREE for first-semester dancers with BAM to try competing! We're going to start talking about competing more in class the couple weeks before the competition, and we usually do a full day of DCDI Prep Workshops just for Newcomers, time and date TBA.

Vets need to pay comp team dues and staff 5 hours at DCDI to compete.

Please fill out this form by OCTOBER 31ST!

Please note: You and your partner should both fill this form out SEPARATELY!
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O2CM, the registration system that most comps use, requires all competitors to have a unique Registration Identification Number (RIN). If you don't have an RIN yet, you'll need to register and make an account at competitor.o2cm.com. Make sure you add teamcaptains@ballroomatmaryland.com as the associated account so that we have permission to register you! If you're confused about this process, just write n/a below and we'll help walk you through it.
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