Nation Builder Youth Engagement Survey
This survey is intended to gather your interest levels, and thoughts around a Youth led podcast we're inviting youth leaders to engage in, with funding from a grant Treaty Education Alliance and the Nature Conservancy were able to access through . This podcast will aim to make connections with:
Please take this survey to show your interest in getting involved in the creation of these podcasts.
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The following webpage image shows a suggested process for participating in this youth led podcast that can help you decide if this would interest you:
What is your current level of interest in engaging in a Nation Builder Youth podcast connected to the land surrounding your Nation? *
What roles and responsibilities could you see yourself taking on through a project like this? Check all roles that interest you: *
What specific locations around your First Nation can you think of, that we could visit, that would have stories attached to them that relate to who you are and where you come from. List as many locations that come mind:
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What conversations could be had or what stories could be shared at these locations that relate to who you are and where you come from?
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Which Elders, Knowledge Keepers or community resources do you know of, who could help provide perspectives and stories related to these locations?
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