Hi there Future Road Tripper!

You just selected our BOOK A SURPRISE option. Experience Philippines is a travel experience company that pioneered the travel concept called Random Road Trips where the DESTINATION is a SECRET and the ACTIVITIES is a SURPRISE.

For this BOOK A SURPRISE option, we will plan your weekend adventure. The catch is... the destination is a secret until the day of your departure. :P

1. Sign up for your surprise weekend or weekday trip!
2. Select your budget. Complete the sign up form.
3. Receive a mystery box 3 days before the departure containing some useful gifts and items from us and some of our favorite brands for your trip.
4. Have an awesome SURPRISE ROAD TRIP!

*Please note that your budget covers your travel + accommodation only.

We require 4 weeks to plan your getaway! But we do make exemptions.

You may travel by bus, train, or plane depending upon your budget, dates, and departure location.

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