BizHack Scholarship Application for the 5-Week Program
Please fill in the application below for "The Digital Marketer's Edge" 5-Week Accelerated Program in Digital Marketing. The application process is competitive and fewer than half of applicants are accepted. Scholarship funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you qualify, a BizHack representative will be in touch about next steps. Good luck!
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Your Background & Motivation
We're looking to assemble only the most ambitious business owners.
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Your Real-Life Campaign
During the 5-week program, you'll spend $100-$150 advertising your business or organization on Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn. This can be the company you own, where you work, or a friend/family business. You must begin this program with this business or organization in mind.
What's the Business you'll run ads for during the program? (Please add key details such as your industry, Website URL, Facebook Page URL, Instagram URL, LinkedIn URL, etc.) *
What's the primary goal of your Business' ad campaign? (Pick just one.) *
What is your Business' online presence? Check all of your digital assets. *
Your Business' Past Marketing Efforts
This applies to the business or organization that you're running ads on behalf of during the program.
Has your Business ever spent money on advertising? (Pick one.) *
How much does your Business currently spend on average per month on any kind of advertising? (Enter a number, use "0" if you don't advertise or are not sure) *
Has your Business ever spent money on Facebook? (Pick one.) *
Did the ads on Facebook generate qualified leads or increased sales for the Business? *
Partial scholarships are now available for the 5-week program. They're on a first-come, first-served basis to qualified applicants.
Do you need a scholarship? *
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