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The policy of BYOB is as follows:
1. A BYOB chapter cannot be used for any monetary gain by any volunteer.
2. Any BYOB chapter can not be used to promote any individual or organisation without prior permission.
3. There can be no entry/membership/subscription fees at any BYOB chapter.
4. Your voluntary efforts in organising a BYOB chapter shall be recognised.
5. No BYOB chapter can encourage/endorse or indulge in piracy.
6. Individual BYOB chapters cannot make separate social media handles (eg twitter, instagram)
7. All volunteers are expected to maintain communication with the BYOB team, failing to do which, their chapter will be derecognised.
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What do you think of 1. Chetan Bhagat, and 2. Ayn Rand?
Do you already know booklovers in your city, or are part of any book clubs?
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I have read and understood the BYOB policies and promise not to use BYOB for any personal profit or promotion. I also promise to uphold the values that BYOB believes in, and will do my utter best to help BYOB achieve its goals of promoting reading among readers of all ages, shapes and sizes. *
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