New Translation Publisher Data
Summary information about publishers of translated works.

Contact information (address, email address, phone number, contact person, etc.) will not be made publically available, and are only for ALTA's use (i.e. requesting publicity materials for already-published books, emailing announcements of new awards and grants, or updating database listing). Only the website, and other social media contact will be published in the public database.

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Have your published works been finalists or winners of the following awards? Please select the appropriate prizes and years.
BTBA (Best Translated Book Award), NTA (National Translation Award), PEN (PEN American Center)
BTBA Poetry Winner
BTBA Poetry Finalist
BTBA Fiction Winner
BTBA Fiction Finalist
Lucien Stryk Prize Winner
Lucien Stryk Prize Finalist
NTA Prose Winner
NTA Prose Finalist
NTA Poetry Winner
NTA Poetry Finalist
NTA Winner
NTA Finalist
PEN Translation Prize Winner
PEN Translation Prize Finalist
PEN Award for Poetry in Translation Winner
PEN Award for Poetry in Translation Finalist